Cato: Ballot Measures Legalize (Some) Freedom

This year’s election cycle has set about some pretty major changes within the United States. In fact, this year will mark a giant jump forward for both progressives and libertarians in the long battle to end the failed war on drugs. Several states have voted to follow in Colorado’s footsteps, legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis along with many other substances. With so much in the current news cycle, this major success has undoubtedly been overshadowed and it’s understandable if you missed it. If you want all the details, watch this episode of the Cato Daily Podcast hosted by Caleb O. Brown.

Ballot Measures Legalize (Some) Freedom Featuring Walter Olson and Caleb O. Brown Voters in various states chose to legalize drugs, nullify labor regulations, and turn away tax hikes at the ballot box. Walter Olson details some of the initiatives on state ballots in 2020. You can support the Cato Daily Podcast and the Cato Institute by becoming a Podcast Sponsor.

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Chris Spangle is the publisher and editor of We Are Libertarians, a news site and podcast that covers national and Indiana politics from the libertarian perspective. Spangle previously worked in marketing for the Englehart Group on behalf of the Advocates for Self-Government. He also served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and producer of the Abdul in the Morning Show. He now works as the web director of a nationally syndicated morning show.

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