Is my vote on a third-party candidate wasted?

Is my vote on a third-party candidate wasted? Voting for a third-party candidate isn’t a wasted vote but an expression of one’s genuine preferences and a refusal to compromise personal principles for the sake of supporting the lesser of two evils. Both major parties perpetuate the narrative of their indispensability, often urging voters to set aside their misgivings for “crucial” elections. However, a vote for a third-party candidate can signal a demand for better choices and catalyze significant political change. Every vote counts, especially in showing that there is a market for diverse political ideas beyond the duopoly. Moreover, the electoral college and gerrymandering often diminish the impact of individual votes, so voting third-party can be a potent means of voicing dissent and advocating for true representation. Each vote for a third party amplifies the message of the need for systemic change and diverse representation in politics.

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