Watch: How Does a Libertarian President like Jo Jorgensen Plan To Deal With Racial Tensions In America? Spike Cohen Answers

Spike Cohen is the 2020 Vice Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. He answers a voter’s question on racial tensions in America.

Description: In this clip, Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen discusses plans to deal with racial tensions in America. ending No Knock Raids, qualified immunity, the war on drugs, gun restrictions.

Chris Spangle is the publisher and editor of We Are Libertarians, a news site and podcast that covers national and Indiana politics from the libertarian perspective. Spangle previously worked in marketing for the Englehart Group on behalf of the Advocates for Self-Government. He also served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and producer of the Abdul in the Morning Show. He now works as the web director of a nationally syndicated morning show.

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